The Recovery Dudes

We get you back faster

Who we are

We are a Chiropractic and massage therapist duo focused on helping people recover from pain and tissue stress in their bodies to improve their quality of life.

How we help

We focus primarily on your bodies Fascial tissue which is a connective tissue that primarily helps us move the way we do. When it gets distorted it changes the way we move and overloads and disrupts other tissues creating pain and dysfunction.

Dr Ian will also adjust as appropriate. Your bodies Skeletal health directly affects your nerve function and we will remove subluxations and allow the bodies innate ability to heal itself.

Our treatments will reduce pain and increase range of motion in the affected body area or joint.

We use a full exam and functional testing methods to identify the source of pain or injury by tuning in to the patient's description of their symptoms. Fascial problems are corrected with hands-on deep pressure application with measurable, dramatic results.